Welcome to EarSketch!

To get started, open the EarSketch Hour of Code here: http://bit.ly/earsketchcode.

What is EarSketch?

EarSketch is a free, web-based application that teaches computer science through music. High school students learn to write code in Python or JavaScript to create their own music in popular musical styles like hip hop and dubstep. No prior experience in computer science or music is required. Created by researchers at Georgia Tech with the support of the National Science Foundation, EarSketch increases students’ engagement and interest in computer science by connecting computing to the expressive, creative, and authentic domain of music-making. Over 250,000 students around the world have learned computing with EarSketch.

How do I use EarSketch for Day of Code?

The EarSketch Hour of Code tutorial introduces middle and high school students to writing code to make music with EarSketch. Direct your students to http://bit.ly/earsketchcode to get started. The tutorial includes 16 pages of instructions, music, code samples, and videos to use in a one-hour class session. (It is not necessary to create an account in order to do the Hour of Code tutorial.)

More EarSketch Resources for Teachers

Watch this short video to learn more about getting started with the EarSketch user interface.

If you are interested in more resources for teachers, including free online professional development, a full curriculum with lesson plans and slides, and a teacher community where you can connect with other EarSketch educators, create a free EarSketch account and ask for a free upgrade to a teacher account here: https://earsketch.gatech.edu/earsketch2/#?curriculum=7-0.

More Questions?

Get help and contact the team here: http://earsketch.gatech.edu/landing/#/contact.