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Social Network Reference

Making a Social Network account

The EarSketch website is a place for you to share your projects with the other students. You are also encouraged to browse through others' projects, listen to them, make comments, and get new ideas towards your own work.

The EarSketch landing page

To get started, you need to first create an account on the site. Click the login link and then the link labelled here to create a new account

New account screen

Once on the "New User Setup" page, please fill out as much information as possible, especially the mandatory fields that are marked with an asterisk.

The fields with an asterisk are required

You will be taken to the main page after creating your account.

An EarSketch profile page

Your profile information is organized into two tabs – general information and a list of projects you have uploaded onto the site.

Projects on the profile page

Uploading Projects to the Social Network

When you are finished with your composition using EarSketch, you can easily upload the contents to the EarSketch Social Network. Follow the instructions below to upload your project.

  1. Register for the Social Network.

    If you have already registered for the Social Network, proceed to step 2. If not, visit in a web browser and sign up!

  2. Click Actions and select Upload EarSketch Project:

  3. Enter your Social Network username and password in the appropriate text fields.

  4. Next, select the Python script you used to create your composition and click Open. This will be located wherever you saved the script file. We recommend saving script files in EarSketch Scripts, which is in your Documents folder.

  5. Lastly, If you have not saved your project, you will be prompted to do so. The name of your project will be the default project name on the Social Network.